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Aristotle's 'Good Crazy!' Kiosk

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My selection of Photos of Greece, published recently on
All photos I mention, are © of their authors. I, just give a link to these photos.

Aristotle's 'Good Crazy!' Kiosk

"Hello my friend!" Those were 3 of Ari's 5 English words. The other two were "GOOD CRAZY!" His wife had died a few years before, and so he bought this kiosk. His was the only one of Rafina's 4 kiosks that was open beyond dusk, and for this gesture we made him rich on beer, cigar, cigarette, and various other sales. Every night I'd buy Yudith an ice cream and exchange it for a pin she'd picked up from one athlete or another. And though we didn't have a word in common, old Ari and I (and Bill, Noah, Matt...) became quite friendly, so that his face would light up whenever we'd stop by for an hour or two to drink some heinekens.
(greece, rafina)
"Aristotle's 'Good Crazy!' Kiosk" by Ametourist

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