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Aegina and Fistiki and Rap!

posted at 15:12

If you ever visited the island of Aegina, you have undoubtedly been impressed by the Fistiki of Aegina. That is the also known as Pistachio nut and is a Protected Name of Origin, just like the Feta cheese! The Aegina Pistachio is acknowledged all over the world as the best Pistachio!

All about this nut (my favorite), i'll post somewhere else. I just give you here the hint about the arrival of the first Fistiki rap song. In fact, it is most a song about the island of Aegina. By Dimitris Kotakis.

You can find more about the song at the Aegina Internet Guide, even download the song if you like.

And don't forget to buy some Fistiki (over the net), the perfect accompaniment for your whisky!

P.S. The song is in greek! This makes it even more exotic!

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