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After have built the Labyrinth, where Minos, King of Crete imprisoned the Minotaur, Daedalus made wax wings for him and his son, Icarus, in order to escape from the island and return back home in Athens.

Icarus negligent to his father's instructions, flew too near the hot sun. Melting his wings, he drowned himself, falling into the sea.

To his memory, the sea was named "the Icarian Sea" and the closest island "Icaria".

Don't miss Elenis' beautiful photos of Ikaria, this little known Aegean Greek island!

Ikaria 031

from hiking in Ikaria island, Greece

(ikaria, icaria, ικαρια, μονοπατια, hikingikaria, waterdreams, katarraktis, hiking, beautyconcealed, canyon, trails, pond, oliander)
"Ikaria 031" by isl_gr

Ikaria 025

from hiking in Ikaria island, Greece

(ikaria, icaria, ικαρία, μονοπάτια, hikingikaria, hiking, trails, waterdreams, γλυκόνερό, beautyconcealed)
"Ikaria 025" by isl_gr

Ikaria 066

from hiking in Ikaria (the new flash acted weird)
(ikaria, trails, Ιcaria, Ικαρία, μονοπάτια, aegean, island, greece, hikingikaria, mountain, gorge, φαράγγι, hiking, beautyconcealed)
"Ikaria 066" by isl_gr

Ikaria 058

Aegean island? aye sir

(ikaria, icaria, ικαρια, aegean, island, μονοπατια, hikingikaria, waterdreams, hiking, beautyconcealed, canyon)
"Ikaria 058" by isl_gr

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