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Just a Family Name

posted at 10:23

With the spread of the internet, research has known new horizons. Never before was possible to find so much information, gathered in one place. Thanks to the contribution of all the users, the web is a source, one simply cannot neglect.

One of the most popular research domains over the net is Family Trees. People like to know their origins. People love to know about their ancestors. And all that info, at the time hidden in hundreds of old, yellowish registers, down in dark cellars of cold community buildings, comes out to the light and becomes searchable knowledge.

Search engines, specialized software, hours of trying to find the good piece of the puzzle. Thousands of people looking for… Is this the new Gold Fever?

Palamidis. Just another family name, just another group of persons seeking for their common origins. A family originating from the part of Greece, known as Arcadia and Argolis in the Peloponnese. Now, they have a place in the web - - to get together, discuss and discover each other. If you are related, drop by!

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