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Karytaina - Arkadia - Peloponnese

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Karytaina is a mountain village in the center of Peloponnese. Typical medieval architecture, built of local stone. It came in the front of the scene during the occupation of the area by the Franc Crusaders, in the 11th to 13th centuries.

Occupied by the Turks till the beginning of the 19th century, it has being a strategic point for the Greek liberation revolution. Kolokotronis - a major figure in the revolution - founded his headquarters here.

Karytaina during all its history, developed crafts and trade, which made the village an enviable target for many despoilers.

Urban development of the late 20th, emptied the village of its inhabitants destroying all active life. Nowadays, the village is just a picturesque place to visit, specially in winter season, where snow turns everything to a dreamscape!

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