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My daughter with a Xeno?

posted at 19:54

You visited Greece and you liked the place. The Sun, the Sea, the monuments, you had your traditional sunburn, you payed your taxi three times as much as the natives! You tasted the famous Mousaka, Souvlaki, Tzatziki, you dove your papara into the Choriatiki pool and all the stuff! You went to Bouzoukia, you danced Syrtaki, you got stoned with Ouzo! The total thing!

So, you think now, Greece has no more secrets for you! What a goof!

If you haven't seen this, you know nothing about Greece! And Greeks!

Throw an eye, then reconsider your version of things! Voilà!

P.S. Greeks you see all around the Globe. But, the ones living in Chicago and Astoria, New York City, are the top! If you pass by, drop them a visit! And tell them 'yassou', from me!

P.S.2: if you missed it, you can still get your "I Love Greece" T-Shirt, here.

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