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Periptero in Kolonaki

posted at 11:21

The famous greek kiosk. Its name is "periptero" and is one of the smallest "Super Markets" you can find. It is seen mostly in the big cities, like Athens, but also all around Greece.

Primarily, its destination was selling newspapers - officially is still a newsstand. However, little by little, any kind of imaginable merchandise found a place in it. Nowadays, anything from candy to cigarettes, from cheap women's tights to bills of exchange, not to mention the obvious, colas and beers, anything you need, you know where to find it. The strongest marketing argument for the periptero: there is one everywhere, it is open almost all the time! Some of them are even working around the clock!

See one in carrib's nice collection of photos of Athens.

Kolonaki District

Newspaper stand at Kolonaki Square

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"Kolonaki District" by caribb

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