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My selection of Photos of Greece, published recently on
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Achillea millefolium Chiron, a centaur showed Achilles the medicinal properties of this herb, who made it famous by using it during the Trojan War, briefly refered to in the Illiad. Millefolium means "thousands leaves" a reference to the florets. Yarrow grows in loose, sandy soil and this is where the medicically potent varieties occur. Ornamental yarrow which looks prettier, taller and more robust is medicinally inactive; this is true of many plants (but not all). It is important to note that the chemical properties of plants change between their natural ecological context and as cultigens propagated by human beings. Yarrow is the herb you want for drastic accidents and injuries involving loss of blood on a massive scale, arterial bleeding--the type of bleeding where you've just lost a limb in battle or something (Illiad/ Trojan War again). It is strongly stypic. However, yarrow is also one of those herbs that is hard to define because its sword cuts both ways. It can also, cause blood flow to commence, and this can be useful in certain conditions (delayed menses, for instance). It can be taken internally or in sitz bath as well as externally for hemmorage. Under the paradigm I am being schooled in, it is classified as a "stimulating sedative" a seeming contradiction unless you know about the constriction/tension tissue state.

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"Yarrow" by teerlinck

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