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Apokria in Athens

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If you happen to be in Athens for the next ten days, you surely won't like to miss this period of the Apokria.

Sort of Carnival, as it's latin equivalent, the Apokria, means the abstaining from meat and is associated to a feast which ends up to a fast!

The Apokria is held for three weeks ending at the Kathari Deftera, and then starts a 40 days fast before Easter. But the carnivalesque part of the Apokria starts in the middle of the second week with the Tsiknopempti.

The festivities are mostly animated by masqueraded dancers, jokes from everybody towards everybody, singing and fun. The ancient dionysian roots of this fiesta are clearly visible, especially by the provocative character of the wordplay.

This year, Athens celebrates the Apokria from february 23 to mars 6. The municipality organizes most of the street shows as well as the feast, at many spots in the city.

See more details about, at the Athens website, here.

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