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The Greek Government imprisons the future of the country!

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At the moment that more and more governmental organizations, especially in Europe, try to get rid of the Microsoft hegemony in the software arena, passing their administrations to Linux oriented free and Open Source Software, at the moment that the European Comity threatens Microsoft in various domains, trying to break its monopoly, the Greek government signs a huge contract, granting the giant company the right to occupy the whole administrative domain, including the Education field!

During the "Microsoft Government Leaders Forum Europe 2006" held yesterday in Lisbon, the Economy and Finance Minister of Greece, George Alogoskoufis, signed an agreement offering preferential financial terms for the purchase of software licenses by the Greek state, free software use rights for Greek civil servants (including home use) and training by Microsoft on the use of new technologies.

Microsoft will set up an innovation centre in Greece with the aim to support the local academic community as well as Greek software companies.

Microsoft will also set up at least 10 computer training centers throughout the country.

The Greek minister stated that the agreement offers significant opportunities to a new generation of Greek students, researchers and businesspeople.

Bill Gates

Knowing Microsoft and their strategy of building monopolistic conditions, wherever possible, knowing the quality of Microsoft software, knowing the permanent refuse of the company to let things go ahead in the IT domain, it is very hard to understand, what benefit will greek people take out of this agreement!

At the same time, does Minister Alogoskoufis, who has raised much controversy off his economy politics, really believe that such an engagement, could be beneficial for the country?

The Open Source Software community, very active in Greece, will let this pass without protesting?

Notice that, in this gathering called "The Microsoft Government Leaders Forum Europe 2006", it is Microsoft, the company, that invites the State Leaders, to show up what has to sell and not them to ask the company to come with their trading suitcases! Here's one that is already bigger than countries! Hurray for the pride of Europe!

Notice also that, on the site of Microsoft, the press releases about the Lisbon event, didn't even mention the Greek agreement. It's so... breadcrumb business for Microsoft!

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