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You talk about greek customs, there are hundreds, thousands of them. On every occasion, there will be something to say, to do or, most of all, to celebrate! Customs are of a strong local character and it is not rare to find customs at the one side of the country that are completely unknown to the residents of the other end. Here's one coming from Athens.

The Carnival, anyway some form of it, is being celebrated in Athens since the very first ages, much before the present era. One of the customs related to the Carnival is, what survived up to our days as the "Tsiknopempti". Mainly an Athenian custom, it is known all around the country. In the beginning, as many other customs, it was a Pagan celebration. It ended up to be Christianized.

Getting ready for the fasting before the Easter, one day is dedicated to "cleaning up" the meat, that rests in the house. So, the barbecue is set and all meat passes on!

Nowadays, this custom consists in spending some time in the city taverns with friends, eating grilled lamb chops. Of course, greek salad (choriatiki) goes with, as well as feta cheese, fried potatoes and a lot of Retsina (white resined wine). The smoke coming out of the barbecue, charged with the pleasant smell of grilled meat and fat, is called the "tsikna". The day "Pempti" (Thursday) fo the "tsikna" is the "Tsiknopempti" (there you go!).

In the late years, the altered composition of the population of Athens has somehow lessened the importance of this custom, but still it remains popular among the Athenians who are very fond of this day, and celebrate it vastly.

And that's what we are going to do the day after tomorrow: celebrate this festive day as it deserves. If you're passing by our street, don't be surprised by the tsikna! Come on inside and have a glass of wine with us!

P.S. A nice blog for the Athenians and their customs and habits you can find in "Αθηναίοι του Πλανήτη". In greek language.

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