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The Greek diaspora Web List

posted at 18:19

Greeks all over the World is not the Big News. Being one of the planet's most traveling nations, it's normal you find a greek under every stone you lift!

Some of them hold blogs and sites. Find them at "The Greek diaspora Web List"

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Bulgari - Another Greek Adventure

posted at 12:35

It's being some years now, I discovered this "Eau de Cologne", a toilet water quite close to my personal taste, that somehow, reminded to me, scents and images of my childhood.

Surprisingly, it is one rare fragrance that is not male neither female. Most perfumes on the shelves are whether too masculine, they make you smell like a beast, or the opposite, too feminine, no way to wear! This one fits me perfectly!

As one surprise never comes alone, I recently had a clue on, why I was at once attracted by this Bulgari Cologne. I believe, there must be some relation with this: I found in the official Bulgari website, this sentence: "The Bulgaris descend from an ancient family of Greek silversmiths whose activity began in the small village of Epirus, where Sotirio, the founder of the family, made precious objects in silver." Go see for yourself, about the glorious history of this greek family!

Would you like to try this beautiful Bulgari Thé Vert Eau de Cologne? Just click on the image, on the left.

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posted at 15:24

Did you know where the word "nickname" comes from? Here's the real story:

In the old days of immigration, Greeks came as everybody else, to America. In those days of the melting-pot, the long and difficult to pronounce greek names (try to say Theofrastos or Panteleïmon) made people start labeling Greeks with more comfortable names.

The easiest of all was Nick. So Nick, the Greek, was born. Hundreds, thousands maybe of Nick the Greek guys were and still are found, all around the States. With the most famous, Nick the Greek, the nurse in the 60s "Ben Casey" TV-Series (played by Nick "the Greek" Dennis).

Well, from the greek name Nick comes Nick the Greek and then nickname and... there you go!

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