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Best place for Bike Tourism

posted at 11:49

I found them on flickr, the day before yesterday. A group of french guys biking around the Peloponnese. At this very moment.

Every morning, they upload the photos of the last day's trip. And some commentaries. This is one of these:

I have discussed many times with traveling bikers I meet in Greece, about how they find bike trip in Greece. All agree to say, it's really the best place to bike.

There is an infinite variation of landscape, in a quite restricted area, easy to visit in a short period of time. There's everything a biker needs, climbing mountains, endless coastline roads, sun on every time of the year, along with rain in the higher spots. Trips, not hard to accomplish, easy to find in place accommodation, good food, hospitality and this unique approach of life, greeks have!

All this bring me in mind the famous "Eté Grec", the most captivating narration of tripping Greece, by Jacques Lacarrière. A book I'll never cease rereading. I'll write about it tomorrow.

For the moment, visit Feuillu's Greece photostream and give them some encouragement!

Peloponnese on Google Maps

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