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Scuba Diving in Kalymnos

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Kalymnos (or Kalimnos), is a Greek Island in the southeast of the Aegean Sea. Since the Antiquity, the island is renown for its Sponge production and the Kalymnians as between the best divers in the World.

About the end of the 19th century, the Island literally was transplanted in Florida, where the Kalymnians worked in the rich waters of the Mexican Gulf. Settled in various places, sometimes they occupied whole villages. Still in our days, some towns in Florida are mostly populated by second and third generation Greeks, with the most known among them Tarpon Springs.

The Sponge Industry not being profitable any more, many Kalymnians returned to their Island of origin and started giving it a second life, this time in the Tourism Industry. And what did they know best? Diving!

Organized Underwater Excursions accompanied by experienced divers if you're ready to jump in. Diving Schools if you're not. You can start in the pool, then you go for the Deep Blue. Or... don't forget, you're in the Syrtaki Country!

Scuba Diving in Kalymnos

So, if you want to experience yourself the Legend of the Sponge Divers and admire by your own eyes the beautiful underwater landscapes of the Aegean, pick a plane ticket and fly straight to the Sponge Island.

Don't forget to visit Emma & Michael's Excellent Adventures' photostream. They have a vast collection of their own Sponge Diving Experience in Kalymnos!

Kalymnos on Google Maps - Search Google for Kalymnos Scuba Diving. Ther's even a Kalymnos Diving Festival!

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